MAVNI Future Soldiers Trapped In DEP Unable To Ship To Training

In August we received notification about the last 100 MAVNI slots for FY16, shortly afterward the USAREC CG held a forum discussing the FY 17 MAVNI Program. Now, we have just received devastating news which will affect thousands of MAVNI Future Soldiers (FS), scheduled to ship to training over the next few months. I understand that this […]

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Can I Have Braces In The Military?

Can I Have Braces In The Military

Can I have Braces in the Military? Over the years, I’ve had to answer this question hundreds of times and unfortunately the answer is extremely complicated. For a wide variety of reasons, young Americans are in need of extreme orthodontic care to correct oral deficiencies or to improve their smile. We can’t control genetics. Some […]

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How Grade Determination Waivers Calculate PS Rank

Grade Determination Waivers

Prior Service (PS) applicants are Veterans of the U.S. Military who desire to serve again. The Recruiting force thoroughly scrutinizes PS applicants to determine their qualifications. Recruiters will review the DD Form 214; specifically the separation code, reentry code, the narrative reason for separation, last rank held and the date of separation. In certain cases, […]

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The Army Prior Service Business Rules That Determine Your Reenlistment Eligibility

Prior Service Business Rules

As a direct result of the economy, a large number of Veterans are abandoning the job hunt and attempting to reenlist into the US Army. These Prior Service (PS) applicants (anyone that has served more than 180 days on Active Duty), are faced with “restrictions” that determine when, and how they can continue serving. These restrictions […]

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Smart Financial Moves Every New Service Member Should Make

A Soldier’s life can be full of challenges, from the nuisances of military life to the separation anxiety often referred to as being homesick. Being a Soldier is chock full of hardships, yet money should never be the cause of them. Whether you’ve just enlisted as a high school senior or getting ready to report to […]

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How To Prepare For The 2017 MAVNI Program

2017 MAVNI Program

First off, I understand that the 2017 MAVNI Program is a hot topic and I hope to provide regular updates. We’ve just received notification that current MAVNI Future Soldiers will not be held over in the Delayed Entry Program until 2018. The U.S. Army recently announced the closure of a program that expedites the citizenship […]

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Approximately 100 MAVNI Slots Remain For FY16


When the program opened for FY16, 5000 MAVNI slots were made available for qualified applicants to enlist into the U.S. Army. On June 24th, we received notification that the last MAVNI applicant had enlisted for FY16, exhausting all of the remaining allocations and closing the program. Yesterday, we received word that there are approximately 100 allocations […]

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Army MOS 25U Signal Support Systems Specialist

The 25U Signal Support Systems Specialist is currently a critical MOS, currently offering up to  $21,000 cash as an enlistment bonus.       Primary duties include: Maintain radio and data distribution systems Perform signal support functions and technical assistance for computer systems Provide technical assistance and training for local area networks Installs, maintains and troubleshoots […]

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Army Enlistment Bonus: 43 Jobs Offering Cash For Your Service

Army Enlistment Bonus

On June 6th, the Army updated its Regular Army enlistment incentives program for 2016. This program highlights the latest Army Enlistment Bonus and incentives for applicants enlisting during the second half of 2016. An Army signing bonus are monetary “motivators” to encourage young Americans to fill critical vacancies that are either extremely challenging or critically […]

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Master List of Army Military Occupational Specialties

Army Military Occupational Specialties

The following is a list of Army Military Occupational Specialties and Career Management Fields of Army skills. Visit an Army Recruiter for the most current information on Army Jobs. (Reserve) MOS available only in Army Reserves t MOS requires additional testing for qualification + Not an entry-level MOS List of Army Career Fields Adjutant General, […]

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